My first post...

June 2nd, 2005  

Topic: My first post...

HI I am a Navy brat my father was an STSCS(SS) served on three boats two skates and one LA. I had joined the navy and arrived in Great Lakes(Great Mistakes) on 20050406 and three weeks into my eight weeks of training I was Discharged(Entry Level Separation) due to errors in my enlistment. I am 24 and appealing the findings... as to weather I rejoin thats up to the outcome of many things... any who I found this site looking for cadences and plan to use it for help appealing ny discharge as well... may make some friends..
Semper Fidelis BRAT
June 2nd, 2005  
Hey! Hope you have a great time on the forums.
June 2nd, 2005  
Welcome Navybrat.
June 3rd, 2005  
Molly Pitcher
Welcome to the forums.

Good luck with the Navy!
June 3rd, 2005  
welcome to the forums.
June 3rd, 2005  
Duty Honor Country
welcome to the forums!!!

I know what you are going thru. I also got out of the military thinking life was grand on the civilian side. Good luck with your future decision on your career path.

SGT Doody
June 4th, 2005  
Welcome to the Bulletin Board!
June 5th, 2005  
Howdy and welcome to the forums!
June 7th, 2005  
Welcome and enjoy.
June 7th, 2005