music taste & age - Page 4

February 13th, 2005  
Over the past couple of years my dad and I have been listening to the same radio stations while driving. He's currently 42 and had me at approximatly 25. He likes a majority of the same music I like. The radio stations we listen to include major rock and roll bands and some metal. But the stuff I listen to that my dad doesn't like is at the two different ends of rock and roll. I listen to deathmetal like Children of Bodom, Fear Factory, and Dimmu Borgir. I also listen to soft emo like some songs by Northstar, Dashboard Confessional, and Brand New. Bands like Avenged Sevenfold and Atryeu get caught in between the two. However the past few months I've been listening to really sad and depressing music. Don't know why, but I enjoy it in some weird way.
February 13th, 2005  
rocks ok, but hiphops better, it incorporates alot more differenty types of instruments and the beat is just dammmm nice