movie scene/quote that i can't figure out

May 7th, 2009  

Topic: movie scene/quote that i can't figure out

I can describe the scene kind of vaguely but I hope it's enough. I can't remember what movie it's from and it's driving me crazy.

I believe it's some guy telling people to rush the enemy and any retreaters will be shot. He's sitting behind them with a big machine guy and shoots anyone that runs back. It's from during wwII or something in that time period I think.

Any help would be great.
May 7th, 2009  
Sounds like the opening scene of Enemy at the Gates.
May 7th, 2009  
that's actually what I thought it was but just couldn't remember or check because I'm at work.

Thanks a lot!
September 16th, 2009  
Yes, it is from the movie "Enemy at the Gates"- great movie!

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