Movie scene confusion

August 26th, 2009  

Topic: Movie scene confusion

I vaguely remember seeing a movie where (my memory is a little fuzzy) a senior NCO is in charge of a formation where and Officer has instructed everyone to wear their uniforms with their awards, officer appears to be stuck-up. the Senior NCO isnt wearing his uniform and is disrespected by the officer and forced to wear his uniform, instead of putting his on. he walks out naked wearing just his 2 medals of honor. proceeds directly up to the officer and makes the officer salute him in front of his soldiers.
i have been trying for 2 weeks to figure ths out and can't. any help would be greatly appreciated.
August 27th, 2009  
Sounds like Yosarian in "Catch 22"
December 27th, 2009  
That was one of the deleted scenes from We Were Soldiers, with Mel Gibson.

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