The movie"Frida"

June 14th, 2014  

Topic: The movie"Frida"

Starring Salma Hayek, a bevy of stars that you have seen in alot.
The story of Frida Kahlo's life... in a walnut shell.
Devestating accident when she was a young tee n. Had spine/ child bearing problems all her life.
Taken. under Diego Rivera's wing (the dove and the frog), Frida's work blossomed. Known in the Communist community in Mexico, she actually was part Catholic and Jewish. Known for a short fling with Trotsky, while Diego did most of his models.
She painted about what she knew...pain. Her work, to me stands the sands of time...
To me her work is timeless; you may not like it, but damn, one talented woman. Too bad she had to live with so much physical and psychological pain. But Frida and Diego were together 'til the day she died, in pain.
Hats off to my favorite artist.