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View Poll Results :which movie best sums up the Vietnam war for you?
rambo 1 2.04%
apocalypse now 3 6.12%
casulties of war 0 0%
full metal jacket 5 10.20%
we were soldiers 27 55.10%
platoon 13 26.53%
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January 22nd, 2005  

Topic: Re: me me m eme

Originally Posted by Anya1982
GREAT ESCAPE.................i know off topic but had to say
Good movie none the less
February 28th, 2005  
i don't think i have ever seen we were soldiers but i did see apocalypse now and thought it was a good movie
February 28th, 2005  
Charge 7
"We Were Soldiers" was fairly recent so you should be able to easily find it at movie rentals. Probably on the pay channels like HBO, and Starz too. A good movie. One of Mel's best IMO.
February 28th, 2005  
I'm in a pretty dead tie with a handful to be honest. Some movies captured different aspects of the war, and it just depends. We Were Soldiers was a good movie, but Hamburger Hill I think really got me into the minds of the soldiers.
June 13th, 2005  


im going with FULL METAL JACKET purely for the fact my dad fought in vietnam, and i saw the movie 10,000 times, i knew the movie and my dads war stories so well i coulda been there. he even went threw PI and lejune like in the movie. he said its the most accurate hes seen, for the war/soldier/marine part of it atleast. and i think he would pretty much know since he was there. i like WE WERE SOLDIERS though i think it gives a good view on how the families waitin back at home feel.

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June 13th, 2005  
My dads friend was at the Ia Drang Valley in vietnam, just like in We Were Soldiers, and he said it so accurate. His platoon leader was Lt. Hal Moore just like in the movie. He also says that the asian guy from the movie in his platoo, is him. So thats why I picked We Were Soldiers.
June 14th, 2005  

Topic: Firebase Gloria

There is one movie I saw that a few of the older guys who were in vietnam said carried some weight was "Firebase Gloria". The DI from Full Metal Jacket (cant remember his name... ) plays a gunny sgt and is quite memorable.
Another was something triangle, it was unique in that half the movie was an american soldiers perspective and the other half was from a vietnamese soldiers side and their story lines intersect when i think the american is taken prisoner.
I was not in Vietnam so I cannot say what was or was not like 'reality' but has anyone who was there seen these movies? Care to comment on them?
June 17th, 2005  
The Other Guy
We Were Soliders and Apocalypse Now

"I love the smell of napalm in the morning."

I came close to crying when Mel Gibson was finally home.
August 20th, 2005  
And for the Aussie perspective "The Odd Angry Shot" is brilliant.
Has the Aussie larrikin humour some action and the most accurate patrolling I have seen portrade in a vietnam movie.
Made on a small budget but has some great Aussie actors in it.
Damn yank scorpion beat the spider...... ya gotta see the movie to laugh at that scene.
August 20th, 2005  
Apocalypse Now.