The Mounted Infantry In The Sudan

August 20th, 2007  
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Topic: The Mounted Infantry In The Sudan

During the 1885 attempt to relieve General Gordon in Khartoum were the Mounted Infantry in the Sudan mounted on Camels or on Horses?

Secondly were they armed with Martini-Henry rifles or carbines? The other Camel Regiments appear to be armed with rifles but I was not sure about the Mounted Infantry.

Thirdly What colour uniform did the Mounted Infantry wear? As the units were comprised from men from different regiments did they have their own unform orwere they all different?
August 23rd, 2007  
The uniforms at the time depended on each Regiment. There were units of mounted Riflemen at this time so the Henry rifle would have have been seen on carried by mounted men. The would ride up to battle then dismount and fight on foot, the horse was just to get them there quickly. My Grandfather was in the 4th Dragoons at this time and they were known as the Yellow Hussars at this time due to the yellow trim they had on there uniform. During WW1 he was in the 6th Inskillings and these were known as the Black Irish due to the black or very dark horses that the rode.
August 24th, 2007  
Particular topic caught me, but I admit that I'm a fan of the British Military. What I can find is......................................

Royal Sussex
Royal Rifle Corps
Black Watch
Gordans Highlanders

Were all Ad -hoc Mounted infantry in the Sudan in 1885.

On camels

Used the kit they were issued by their Regt's.

But those of you in the UK have far more resources than I in this matter.
September 22nd, 2007  
03USMC.......This link sets out what the Royal Sussex did out there at this time, in this piece it states they assisted mounted infantry
September 23rd, 2007  
Told you you'd have better sources than a Yank.
September 23rd, 2007  
Some of the Mounted Riflemen went under the title of Carbineers this title was also attached to 6th Dragoons. The use of this title went right on into the second world war

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