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The Japanese victory over Russia, 1905. 6 2.47%
The Allied victory in WWI, 1914-1918. 3 1.23%
The Finnish stand against the USSR, 1940. 46 18.93%
The Axis victories in the first half of WWII, 1939-1942. 29 11.93%
The Allied victory in WWII, 1939-1945. 39 16.05%
The Israeli victory in the Israeli Independence War, 1948. 11 4.53%
The UN/USA victory in the Korean War 1950-1953. 2 0.82%
The Israeli victory in the Six Days War, 1967. 30 12.35%
The Arab relative succes in the Yom Kippur War, 1973. 3 1.23%
The Israeli Victory in the Yom Kippur War, 1973. 10 4.12%
The North-Vietnamese Victory in the Vietnam conflicts, 1945-1975. 20 8.23%
The Mujahidin victory in the Afghan War, 1979-1989. 7 2.88%
The Hizballa succses in the Invasion of Lebanon,1982-2000. 4 1.65%
The UN/USA victory in the Gulf War, 1991. 11 4.53%
Other. 22 9.05%
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September 19th, 2009  
**** Panzercracker was banned for saying that the jews won a great victory? lighten up guys, dont take things so harch/serious.
September 19th, 2009  
No thats not the reason.
September 29th, 2009  
What WAS the reason?

However I am going still Finnish Christians vs the Russian Orthodox war of 1940

You do realise the Russkies were Communists back then? Or in other words, "Theyum dayum Commie stroganoff sucka's"
November 5th, 2009  
Originally Posted by 03USMC
No thats not the reason.
Conversly what was the reason of my ban? You messaged me with "Bud ur not beyond rulz" and slapped me and honestly i have no idea why, but hey all the power in the internet world to you.
November 24th, 2009  
1st gulf war. America was expecting extremely large casualties and ended up using most of their field hospitals for enemy wounded and captured. America was outnumbered and attacked the 4th standing army in the world in strength. Not only did the UN's casualties mount to almost under 200, iraq experienced estimated over 100,000 dead 60,000 pow, and probably alot more wounded. out numbered in a foriegn land on the offencive, seems like a dumb idea but taking 40 casualties as americans makes every other army look sorta pathetic to me, 250,000 ( my numbers might not be 100% but this is what i remember, took on around 500,000 fighters who were dugg in and were out smarted not only by tricks but were outflanked and out gunned on every part of the map.
November 24th, 2009  
For me personally, it was the Axis victories during the start of WW2. They just stormed through Europe and the French and british didn't even know what hit them! I doubt we will ever see anything like that again!
November 26th, 2009  
Thats a hard choice, there are so many examples of brilliance. My top picks would be

Germany in 1939-1942.
2. Israel in the 6 day war.
3. McArthur's little maneuver in Korea.
4. The allied victory over Saddam.
5. The Finish very impressive stand against the Soviet empire.

I almost added the Arabic 'victory' over Israel in 73 ( for the first half anyways) being so astonished they didn't lose ground for once, but that was a sneak attack and not a proper fight.
December 13th, 2009  
Gary of CA
Finland's Winter War. They should have collapsed quickly but instead inflicted serious casualties on a numerically superior enemy. A lot of the Soviet failure must be placed on Stalin's sacking of his officers prior to the war as well as the dogged determination of the common Finnish soldier.
February 9th, 2010  
Pvt Rafterman
Most impressive military achievement in the 20th Century?

Winning the Cold war (1945-1991)

The Decolonialisation of the planet (1918-2000)
February 9th, 2010  
there's a few good ones on that list. First W W was just sheer Butchery.

How about the Feminist Army of the YAYA Sisterhood!

I'n the 20th Century they sure put Manhood into a spine!