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The Japanese victory over Russia, 1905. 6 2.47%
The Allied victory in WWI, 1914-1918. 3 1.23%
The Finnish stand against the USSR, 1940. 46 18.93%
The Axis victories in the first half of WWII, 1939-1942. 29 11.93%
The Allied victory in WWII, 1939-1945. 39 16.05%
The Israeli victory in the Israeli Independence War, 1948. 11 4.53%
The UN/USA victory in the Korean War 1950-1953. 2 0.82%
The Israeli victory in the Six Days War, 1967. 30 12.35%
The Arab relative succes in the Yom Kippur War, 1973. 3 1.23%
The Israeli Victory in the Yom Kippur War, 1973. 10 4.12%
The North-Vietnamese Victory in the Vietnam conflicts, 1945-1975. 20 8.23%
The Mujahidin victory in the Afghan War, 1979-1989. 7 2.88%
The Hizballa succses in the Invasion of Lebanon,1982-2000. 4 1.65%
The UN/USA victory in the Gulf War, 1991. 11 4.53%
Other. 22 9.05%
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March 28th, 2009  
Even though this might seem bit over patriotic I must give credit to us, the Finns. Winter war 1939-1940 was fought practically with no foreing help. Yes, we got few thousand swedish voulenteers to help us, (and that is something that can be called heroic from those men) but not the whole army. Yes we got some aeroplanes abroad, but no spare parts for them, thus making them unusable. Yes we got artillery pieces and ammunition, but the arty was out dated, like from year 1895 and the ammunition didn't mach with the calibers we had. And yes we got some AT guns, but no instuctions how to use them.
We fought alone two out of three wars we had between 1939-1945. We pulled of manuvers that no foreing leader thought possible for unmotorised/mechanised force and made it clear we have the most accompished defence oriented armed forces in the world.

What I would have liked to see on that list of remarcable operations is The Battle of Tali-Ihantala, the biggest battle of Nordic history. Bigger than El Alamei.
Notable thing is, thet even though artillery is generally dispised among Finnish conscripts it is and was the second backbone of our defence after infantry. Finnish arty was cabable of concentraring the fire virtually limitless number of batteries on singel target on the same time, in one occasion 250 pieces fired at the same target at the same time. No other country at that time was able to do that using just one forward observer. That is One officer with 8 months training for his job and a working radio or phone line
As what one of my instuctors said when I was in NCO school in 2. Firebase Battery of Kainuu Brigade: "Finnish artillery was so fast and so accurate that USA and other western countries can only now ALMOST reach that same level with all their satellites and computers."
May 4th, 2009  
Sorry to be slightly subjective on this, but I voted for "the Finnish stand against the USSR 1939-1940", the conflict which we call here in Finland "Talvisota" - the "Winter war".
Against all the possible odds the poorly equipped Finns managed to halt totally the Soviet full scale superior and overwhelming invasion through over 1000 km eastern border, losing less than 10% of the its pre-war territory after the Moscow peace treaty.
Finland was not defeated nor occupied in this conflict and maintained fully it's independence after this short but yet most disasterous war for especially the Soviet counterpart.
May 6th, 2009  
The Allied victory in WWII, 1939-1945.
May 7th, 2009  
Ice Tea
Easily the Winter War (Finland against the Soviet Union). I know just how much the IDF beat truly insurmountable odds in the Yom Kippur War (1973), and still... the price the Finns made the Red Army pay, with vastly inferior equipment and numbers, was simply off the scales. A good example would be the battle of Raate Road, in which a Finnish regiment destroyed an entire Soviet division with barely any losses.

Just look at the statistics in Wikipedia.

And the subsequent Continuation War was also very impressive (although I would rank the Yom Kippur War above that one).
June 25th, 2009  
Del Boy
The Normandy Invasion of WW11 - by far the largest invasion fleet ever known, the scale and meticulous planning; savagery comparable with the Eastern Front, against an enemy of great cunning and extreme desperation.

"In the whole history of war, there has never been such an undertaking." - STALIN.
July 15th, 2009  
Russian victory at the Battle of Moscow, 1941.
July 15th, 2009  
1973-when an entire nation is fasting,from two undefended diffrent fronts'north and south 2 armies and 3 or more expeditonary forces attacked with massive force,but in 2 weeks that defenders became the offenders and managed to go as deep as 40 KM from Dammascus and 101 KM from Cairo.
if that is not a great Victory then i would really wouldnt know what is.

few other points.
after reading of the winter war-the Finnis were AMAZING!!! even though it was not the entire red army it was a damn big force of troops and tanks,Wiki Statistic says the Finnis had only 30 tanks(!!) and yet they managed to gain apreatty impresive achevment.
but(there is always this annoying but uh?)they did lose the war,much like the Tremapoly battle those barve 304 managed to kill alot of Persian but at the end Atheans was destroyed and sacked.

one last thing i think that the world wars sould not be taken into account here,because afterr all winning a world war is the most AMAZING achievmnt right?
September 9th, 2009  
The most impressive?

I would say the Japanese Victory over Russia. What countries like Germany and France couldnt do, a tiny Island nation did -force the capitulation of Russia. Remember Commodore Perry arrivied in Japan in 1854 when Japan was still living in the Medieval Period with Samurai wearing armor, they had never even seen a gun. 50 years their military is equivilant to any European or US military yet still keeping Yamoto Damaishi (Samurai Warriot Spirit). That is an astonding evolution.

I was tempted to say the Finns as well, but there was one detail that changed my mind. The Finn-Soviet War was fought in Finland. That is to say that despite there fewer numbers the Finns were fighting with the homefield advantage. The other thing to remember was that the Finns didnt fight the 1944 well trained, well equipped, well motivated Red Army. Theyt fought an Army of poorly trained, poor equipped, poorly fed conscripts led by inept officiers because Stalin had sent all the competant Officers to the Gulags.
September 9th, 2009  
A Can of Man
Yes the Ruso Japanese War was quite incredible. It also elevated the Japanese to an almost hero status among Asian countries that had not been conquered by the Japanese yet (therefore ignorant about their treachery). It showed that an Asian people could fight and defeat the White man, something that was deemed unimaginable at the time. This would in fact play a role (not a very big one, but a role nonetheless) in the independence movements across the continent during the 50's and 60's.
September 9th, 2009  
I'm going to be very nationalistic on this, and say: the Belgian army's fight against the germans in ww1. In wich they unexpected did not run but fought and fougth well. Giving the allies the precious time to gather their forces and stopping them @ the allied defensive line.