Most F-15 Jets Coming Back To Service

January 10th, 2008  
Team Infidel

Topic: Most F-15 Jets Coming Back To Service

USA Today
January 10, 2008
Pg. 5

The majority of Air Force F-15 fighter jets are returning to flight after being grounded for two months over possible structural flaws.
About 160 of the jets have been found to have defects and will remain grounded indefinitely after an investigation into why one broke apart in midair and crashed Nov. 2 in Missouri.
"The priority in resuming operations for a portion of the F-15 fleet is the defense of our nation America deserves nothing less," said Gen. John Corley, head of the Air Combat Command.
The Air Force grounded all of its F-15s nearly 700 after the catastrophic failure of an F-15C during a routine training flight in Missouri. A few hundred the newer F-15E models being used in Iraq and Afghanistan returned to service shortly afterward.
January 10th, 2008  

Topic: Good news

This is very good news and knew if push came to shove the mighty F-15s could be counted on.
January 10th, 2008  
I'm glad to hear the F-15 is back At least theres one plane left worthy of flight, all I see here is Hornets and Superhornets. Maybe an Occasional Eagle from Langley will get lost and come to the southside

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