The most beautiful,the most frightening and the ugliest warplane, Helicopter and Tank - Page 3

October 17th, 2012  
Originally Posted by hamidreza
A-10 is my first choice instead of Apache as ground forces supporter but it is a plane not helicopter.
Mate it is built like a tank, has 2 wings like an aircraft and flies as slow as a helicopter it can fill all 3 roles.

October 17th, 2012  
A-10, a Plane for All Seasons.
October 18th, 2012  
I would add the English Electric Lightning to the list, while not technically a fighter, but an interceptor, she was one hell of an aeroplane. Some marks were fitted with guns but for some reason removed. The ones on my station were fitted with two air to air. I would also include the Hawker Hunter and the Hawker Hurricane