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May 11th, 2011  
Del Boy
Originally Posted by Prapor
Thank you, I suppose (whoever this 'Boz' was, was a he a good person, at least? lol)

Well, when people ask me something, I jut do my best to answer fully. Same when I myself post, I try to give information, educate.
My pleasure Prapor. Are you familiar with Charles Dickens, England's greatest 19th c. author and social commentator; a great deal of our vew of the street situation stems from his writing, so our view of London in those days is largely his view.

Well, before he became famous, he wrote regular articles and pamphlets, some of which he sold on the streets, under the pen-name of Boz.

I speak here of my schoolboy understanding, I haven't checked the internet, but I imagine there is plenty of info. there..

Definitely, Boz iz good Prapor.
May 12th, 2011  
Originally Posted by GHR
I agree with the others here. Very interesting and instructive what you tell and show us.

It is a shame that your community are moving in that direction.
One day there surely will be a demand from citizens for law and order and then what? A coup d'état​​?
Not sure.

Most people here like living that way. Even when it comes to the police

People like that if you are stopped on the road, you don't have to pay a fine, get a criminal record. You can just bribe the policeman off

In fact, corruption is the second main ingredient in life here. It's not just police. You want your children to get better marks in school, have to pay the teachers, maybe the director too. Want to do some renovations in your apartment that are not, technically, allowed? Pay the Housing-Communal Bureau. Etc. Anything and anyone here can be bought for the right price.

It is actually quite interesting. Not too long ago, like, 3 weeks ago, on his RenTV talk show, Tigran Keosayan
was talking about corruption. He always has 3 'guests' on the show, this time were a Communist member of Duma, a police general, and a anti-corruption activist. And at one point, Tigran asked the audience in the studio, how many of you disapprove of corruption? Pretty much everyone raised their hands. Then he asked, how many here paid a bribe this week? Again, same answer

That's the thing. People know the situation is not exactly right, with corruption, with everything. But they simply live with it. It's more convenient that way
May 12th, 2011  
A Can of Man
haha I've lived in a few places like that.
May 20th, 2011  
Moscow bans gay pride parade, citing fears of "civil unrest"

lol I knew it...
May 22nd, 2011  
Haha, yea. From what you have said so far that seems like a very wise idea.

Thanks for the insight into your culture. It has been very informative reading your post thus far.

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