Montana Class and the Super Yamato

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February 22nd, 2012  

Topic: Montana Class and the Super Yamato

It's very interesting these two warships, and wondering about how each would have compared if they were in fact designed.

A quick review of the similarities they do in fact share.
  • Both were potentional successors to already tried and proven designs.
  • Both were meant to enter the so called "super" battleship area.
  • Both could have been potential adversaries.
  • Both programs were scrapped during the war to devote more resources to their prespective navy's aircraft carrier programs.
Question remains however, let's say both Battleships, the Montana and Super Yamato class was indeed completed, and exsited at the start of the Pacific War.

The question is not as simple as "who would win", which is a rather amature question in itself.

But which class of vessel could have racked a more impressive career service record during the war? In short....

Which is more an all round useful design? Everything, not just big gun battles, but carrier escort to shore bombardment.

Which ship would have really proven the worth invested in it during the Pacific War?