Modernized Tank T-72M1M - Page 3

December 7th, 2004  
thats not what i meant, i was trying to say put a heavily armoured shell around the crew rather than spreading it throughout the tank.

also i wasnt trying to say that you scrap all the armour.
i meant all the reactive armour stuff since they have already built counters for it its just extra weight in a major war.
and if you knew they were using RPG's then you could add armour on like they do on some humvees.

and i wasnt trying to say that it was a realistic idea just a suggestion.

i still think that heavy tanks have a role.
December 7th, 2004  
Even though there are weapons to counter reactive armour, it still dampens the effect of it. Also there a bigger chance that the tank will move even after its been shot if the armor is spread out. What you can do is to protect the crew more though still giving the over all tank the same type of protection. Such as more armor around and on top of the torrent. As well as liner inside the crew compartment against shrapnell.
December 8th, 2004  
not a bad idea, its strange how modern tanks don't have extra armour on the turret even though they know its a weak spot[/code]
December 11th, 2004  
they do have extra armor there.
January 18th, 2005  
That wat puzzles you so much is not additional armor and is not even related to it.
It is the active missile defense system Arena E (arena e).
here some reference:

Something close to it is the Shtora (curtain) system.
See some reference info here:

Another active system, less complicated but less effective is the Drozd (Thrush).
reference you can see here: