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July 26th, 2010  
Thanks for that very informative post, Kruska. Your knowledge on these matters, as ever, is amazing.


Originally Posted by Kruska
Hello George,

sounds funny indeed - and I admit, but I don't get the point. Nepal is a UN member since 1955.

yes - in regards to pre 1971 you would be correct in asserting that the Taipeh government being legitimite in the eye's of the USA. But that would not represent a world opinion even in the 50's.

In 1947 the 228 Massacre was an uprising of the local Taiwanese against the incomming mainland KMT Chinese - and the locals demanded a UN mediation - which was never given but would have been clearly in favor for the local Taiwanese according to the primary UN charta in regards to "selfdetermination of a population" see Falklands issue.
Neither did the US nor the ROC/KMT respect that primary article of the UN Charta.
As such IMHO a vaild independence of Taiwan to the local Taiwanese would have been the correct step to take.

In 1952 the Japanese government declared the Treaty of Shimonoseki for invalid. As such Taiwan constitutes again as a province of China as under the Qing Dynasty. Japan never addressed a receipient for this declaration.

Which could have been the USA since it held occupational status of territories such as Taiwan under previous Japanese rule. Truman himself wanted to return Taiwan to the PRC and upon the Korean war - decided to hold back on the decision - one hell of a mistake.

Truman then declared that a permanent solution need to be undertaken by the UN.

Therfore in 1971 the UN with 76 yes, 35 no and 17 no votes declared the PRC to represent China as the only single institution to represent China and to remove the representatives of Chiang's KMT from their place which they held un- lawfully in the past.
Furthermore the one State solution is recognized and upheld by the UN and the PRC.

In 2007 Taiwans PM Chen Shui-bian tried to play smart and forwarded to present the Republic of China as a "Taiwan" therefore defying a one State solution - and for this he got kicked around from everone incl. the USA.

So IMHO there is nothing to discuss as to who has the souverenity over Taiwan - clearly and officially the PRC since 1971.

And therefore Beijing IMO is correct to rebuff any inter-mingling from outsiders into its internal affairs.

The today's Taiwanese have fought a hard and long struggle against the dictatorial and oppressive KMT rule on their Island - and they will certainly not be willing to accept another dictatorial system to take over. As such both the PRC and Taiwan will have to live in a mutual and peacefull coexistence till one day both places will have the same mindset towards a common government.

I do not believe that Beijing will ever press the issue towards Taiwan - unless provoced by independence movements, and the population in Hongkong and Maccau is not complaining about being oppressed by a dictatorial system or that they would suffer in any way - the Taiwanese can see that for themselves too.

So what works for HK can just as well work in Taiwan. Afterall they are all Han Chinese in majority and are primarily interested only in $$$.

August 1st, 2010  
Good thing Taiwan is not sitting on a few tactical nukes nobody hears about, that would shake up any invasion to somthing I wouldn't even want to fathom about.

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