MilSurp collector advice

February 25th, 2009  
-- Dusty

Topic: MilSurp collector advice

I have been toying with the idea of buying a milsurp vehicle, but never done it before. Can anyone advise me on getting into that?
March 2nd, 2009  
Depends on what you want and how rich you are. Cost to maintain could be prohibitive.

In designing military vehicles certain things are usually ignored, or not addressed the same way commercial or private vehicles are.

Mainly designed to accomplish a certain task.

Things like mileage and maintenance are secondary. They literally have an Army of people for maintenance and to make sure they get fuel.

A Bradley fighting vehicle would give the a******* wanting to cut you off pause.
March 2nd, 2009  
-- Dusty
If I had what I wanted, I'd have a M113 Bradley. But as you said about operating!

Another goodie is the deuce & half. But then, I never operated one, never took care of one, and have no idea on the costs of maintaning.
March 5th, 2009  
A guy in UK runs a privately owned Scorpion tank with the 4.2 litre Jaguar engine out of the E Type.

It takes 400 litres of fuel at about $2 a litre, a fuel consumption around 4.5 miles per imperial gallon or about 3.88 miles per US gallon.

I'd hate to even consider what the track life is, and the replacement cost.
March 6th, 2009  
-- Dusty
Oh. So not really any worse than my old Ford Bronco.