Military tactics - Page 2

January 15th, 2005  
blitzkrieg + scout, thats how to advance
January 15th, 2005  
For MOUT always a good idea to have a large support firing base... M1A1 Abrams work great (optical sights with computer corrected aim to compensate for distance wind speed temperature bar. pressure... etc...) at long ranges and from short (depending on terrain). Smaller groups of infantry advancing with cover from air as always... MOUT is easy if you have the right support structure and training. I'm afraid, though, until the US or any 'superpower' decides to go into a ground war with another well trained military machine, MOUT is simply used for smaller operations (Hue City Somalia Bosnia Kosovo type operations) not large-scale wars. I'm also quite sure that with the technology now employed to the militaries of the world, large-scale ground wars are going to be more and more scarce, as technology replaces manpower with a more lethal substitute; i.e. Cruise Missiles, Smart Bombs, and the ubiquitous nuclear tipped warhead. As far as military strategy, there's always the trustworthy shelling and air-strike to prep. for ground assault. Then roll in en-force with a defensive base and a reliable system of support for ground and air units. A very general tactic, but then again non-specific tactics often work the best, allowing the commanders on the ground adjust the plan according to terrain, unit strength, weather, or whatever other factor could possible effect a ground mission (which could be just about anything). But anyhow I'm rambling now thanks for reading cheers