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October 22nd, 2008  
Yes, I had heard of that one. My physical training instructor served 6 years in the Marines. She said if my husband said that one, to hit him with my fist and show him what BAM actually meant! (she's ornery, but...)
November 12th, 2008  
FUBIJAR = F you buddy, I'm just a reservist
SNFUBAR = situation normal f'ed up beyond all recognition
November 13th, 2008  
Some slang from my time in the Army

Big Cup of STFU - Shut the F### Up
Section 8 - Crazy
Squid - Navy
Wing Wiper - Air Force
Coastie - Coast Guard
POGS - People Other Then Grunts (Infantry term for Non-combat folk)
Fobbit - Infantry Term for folks that work in Forward Operating Bases that never leave the wire.
TOP - First SGT
First Shirt - First SGT
Butter Bar - 2nd LT
Railroad Tracks - Captain
December 11th, 2008  

Topic: more slang

If something needs to be done then it needs to be "Squared Away" e.g.
"Get your gear squared away, we're moving out in ten"
If someone "has the a$$", or "gets the a$$" that means that the person is annoyed. e.g.
"If your barracks still look like that tonight, top is going to get the a$$"
If someone is likely to become very angry indeed, then a greater amount of a$$ is required, e.g.
"If top finds out you've got live rounds he's going to get a WHOLE CASE of the a$$"
If something is "ate up" that means it does not look good or could use some work. e.g.
"Your uniform is all ate up"
If something is a "Soup Sandwich" that means it's all ate up. e.g.
"That weapon is all ate up like a soup sandwich soldier, if you don't get that squared away before top gets back he's going to get a case of the a$$"
December 11th, 2008  
When referring to the really ugly glasses that are issued in basic.
If they are on a Male: BCG's Birth Control Glasses
If they are on a Female: RPG's Rape Prevention Glasses

If you ask someone what kind of beer they dring and they reply
OPB it means Other Peoples Brand. They will drink whatever YOU have on hand and theynever seem to have any.

Goin along with an earlier post, ate up can be expresses as "ate up" or ten up and two down. "That LT is 10 up and 2 down."

For computer users you also have Eye Dee Ten T errors.
It's spelled I.D.10.T or IDIOT.
December 11th, 2008  
oh yeah, I forgot, a Pough <po guh> is a slacker, and pogey bait is any junk food you bring with you when you get deployed.