Is the military made of sex or friends

July 24th, 2010  

Topic: Is the military made of sex or friends

Is the military made of sex or friends, please dont say both.

Decide one over the other sex or friends and not both.

is sex a criteria for employment, or is employment based on the ability to perform duty.

Sex did not invent the body.

The body formed itself long before reproduction, because sex relies on having a body first.

The "mother" did not invent the "father".
Sexuality is not the boss of gender.

No man or woman is obligated to sexual preference; because sexuality is not the origin or ignition of gender.

The body got here before sex and not after.

Someone has to incline the intelligence to think and talk it through, because there is no such thing as hearing about something that no one ever talked about.

The ears do not have more priviledge than the mouth , and that is why topics of conversation are only capable of feasible intellectual ignition.

Individuality built the house of partnership.

Population is a tenant of your body and not the landlord.

Perception is a nativity and not a ransom.

Can you explain to me in your own words; what you think the difference between commonality and nepotism is.
Sex relies on having a body, but the body never relies on having sex.

Do you think the body can exist without sex; or do you think sex will exist without the body?

How do you validate commonality, for your own endorsements of compatibility.

What do you think the priorities of compatibility are.

What is your criteria of friendship for inviting others.

Is there a difference between sex and friends.

Can you share your philosophies with me?

July 24th, 2010  
WTF is he talking about? Anyone?
July 24th, 2010  
He was in the Military and didn't have sex or friends? I dunno.
July 24th, 2010  
Originally Posted by 03USMC
He was in the Military and didn't have sex or friends? I dunno.
Oh. Well yeah, that makes sense.
July 24th, 2010  
You make a lot of friends in the Miliatary, and being young and fit you will shag every thing in sight
July 24th, 2010  
If you google central part of all of his posts (I had a hunch already at the first one, we had such a guy on one of our forums), e.g.: "The "mother" did not invent the "father". Sexuality is not the boss of gender." you will find he is quoting other forum posts without changing a word.

The above one comes from a so called Love Forum:

I googled his other posts also, all are quotes.

The "Military provoking Entrapment" (googeling "The navy uses the logic of liability to establish the source or ignition to a "threat" or "variable circumstances" in order to define conduct to the "rules of engagement" for weapons release authority. ") comes from here:, or here:, or here (posting under the same handle).

THe "Logic of Pursuit" comes from here:

... and so on.

A kind of "Attention Seeking" Spammer, ignore.

July 25th, 2010  
I dunno if he's weird or wired. Whatever,... he's a strange, strange case.
July 25th, 2010  
Cocaine is a helluva a drug!

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