Military history of the Arab Gulf States

February 23rd, 2019  

Topic: Military history of the Arab Gulf States

Hi All,
I have just joined the International Military Forum and hope I am in the right section. If not please advise.
I am interested in Arab Military Forces especially South Yemen (Aden), Oman, and the other Gulf States. My hobby is studying the military history of these nations and collecting some of their badges. Also I like to publish books on the subjects. At the moment I have just had Helion Publishing in the UK send me my copy of my book The Military and Police Forces of the Gulf States Volume 1: Trucial States and United Arab Emirates, 1951-1980. It takes the mystery out of the Trucial States and provides a solid text clearly explaining when and how the forces were raised, what they consisted of and scores of photographs of the men, armoured vehicles, and aircraft. I am sure the book will appeal to a large cross section of people who are interested in history, collecting and wargaming. Vol 2 on Oman comes out in April and Kuwait, Bahrain, and Qatar early next year. Below is the blurb on the book. This book tells the history of all of these forces, including:
• Trucial Oman Levies, formed in 1951, renamed the Trucial Oman Scouts in 1956, and the Federally-controlled Union Defence Force in 1971 • Abu Dhabi Defence Force formed in 1965
• Ras Al Khaimah Mobile Force formed in 1969
• Dubai Defence Force formed in 1970 • Sharjah National Guard formed in 1972
• Umm Al Quwain National Guard formed in 1976 • UAE Armed Forces formed in 1976.
The police forces are:
• Trucial Oman Scouts Police Wing formed in 1963
• Dubai Police Force formed in 1956
• Abu Dhabi Police Force formed in in 1957
• Ras al Khaimah Police Force formed in 1965
• Sharjah Police Force formed in 1967
• Ajman Police Force formed in 1967
• Umm Al Quwain Police Force formed in 1967
• Fujairah Police Force formed in 1969;
• Ministry of Interior’s Police Force formed in 1972

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