Military Hall of Shame- An examination of great military blunders - Page 5

September 11th, 2009  
When the Labour Government in Britain gave the Soviets a gift of 25 Rolls Royce Nene jet engines. The Soviets reverse engineered the engines and fitted them to their Mig 15, causing a lot of Allied deaths during the Korean War.

Stalin stated, "What fools give away their secrets?"
September 11th, 2009  
A Can of Man
Related to "useful idiots" I suppose.
September 11th, 2009  
The Crater disaster wasn't Burnsides fault but Gen. Meade's. He ordered the Colored Troops who had been trained for the assault not to be used, & ordered white troops, who had no training in the planned attack, to be used instead.
November 11th, 2009  

Topic: Marye's Heights

At the battle of Fredricksburg the Union forces looked so pitiful during the attack that Confederate soldiers stopped firing, helped them up the hill, fed them and then sent them back down to try again.

The only way I can site this is my professor of military history at UCF.
November 14th, 2009  
Mark Conley
Fredricksburg...oh that was a first class cluster....

Its maybe a little sensatialized, but watch the movie "Gods and Generals". it was supposed to be part of a triology of civil war movies (to include "Gettysburg" and another that didnt make it to the board). part of the battle of Fredricksburg is shown, particulary the charges of the soldiers against the confederate lines, up hill, and repeated one after another. they threw them one a time, marching in there little lines, against the rebels. and they got mown down just as fast.

if the movie even expresses a little of the historical fact...then it belongs in the list of blunders indeed.
December 13th, 2009  
Gary of CA
Battle of Adwa in Ethiopia (1 March 1896). Italian Army force a battle on terrain unfamiliar to them with the result being the Ethiopians cutting them to pieces. So much for Italy playing catch-up with the rest of the European empire builders.

Big military blunder of the Civil War was Butler's failure to capture Petersburg. Had the Beast succeeded, Richmond would have had to have been evacuated much earlier and the nine month siege of Petersburg avoided. Butler also botched up the attack on Fort Fisher.