Military cooperation between Sweden and Norway proposed

August 31st, 2007  

Topic: Military cooperation between Sweden and Norway proposed

Source The Norway Post

Military cooperation between Sweden and Norway proposed

The Norwegian and Swedish defence chiefs have proposed a closer military cooperation. They say the two countries should also cooperate on the purchase of defence equipment.

Sweden and Norway ought also to cooperate in the purchase of among other things submarines and armoured vehicles.

The top military leaders of the two nations, Sverre Diesen (Nor) and Haakan Syrén make their views known in an article in the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter on Friday.

The two, who will on Friday present a joint report to the two nations' Defence Departments, are also of the opinion that the two countries should cooperate in the fields of military education and training.
The main aim of the cooperation, according to the two top military leaders, is to reduce costs, but they also claim that closer cooperation would also have a great effect on defence policy.

This "axis of cooperation", as they call it, could also contribute towards strengthening our influence on the total European defence cooperation, and even across the Atlantic, the two write.

They see their proposal as a supplement to the present cooperation within NATO and the EU.
September 1st, 2007  
A Can of Man
Hmmm... this would work in favor of defense but certainly would hurt Sweden's claim to neutrality.

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