Military Ball Questions

March 30th, 2005  

Topic: Military Ball Questions

I've just been appointed the OIC of the planning committee for my school's JROTC military ball and I was wondering if anyone could help me come up with ideas and also to help with setting the standards, such as dress and what not. There was big debate about that among the battalion staff and I want to put it to rest ASAP.

Thanks in advance! Any help you can supply me is much appreciated.
April 2nd, 2005  
At our ball we have a prom type formal, guys wear Class As and gals wear prom dresses. Once I have alittle more time to post more info I will.
April 3rd, 2005  
Our ball we had Males in Uniform, and Females were offered the option of a formal dress or uniform.

Oh, and our ball, which is 2 USN, 2 USAF, 1 Sea Cadet, and 14 or so Army schools, the song "In The Navy" promoted harsh laughter but for some reason everyone enjoys it, might want to look at it.

If you want, I can put you in email contact with a good friend of mine, c/CPO Woolett who is on the Battalion command staff who helps plan our Mil Ball for our state every year, he can offer some advice without a doubt.
April 5th, 2005  
(NOTE: The uniforms here are for Navy only...I don't know the similar uniforms for the Army, AF, and Marine JROTC units).

For our ball's dress code...(let me clarify in advance...some officers elected to buy or rent formal dress whites...but it wasn't required and it isn't a sanctioned uniform.)

Male Officer (Female Officer option): Service Dress Blue or Formal Dress White uniform.

Male Enlisted and Chief Petty Officers (Female Enlistecd and CPO option): Service Dress Blue.

Female personnel not wearing SDB or FDW uniforms should wear prom-type dresses.
April 6th, 2005  
Army and AF are required at our ball to wear full Class-A uniform or other Service Jacket, and about halfway through the ball, they are permitted to remove the jacket, and the standard "altered" B-Class is a longsleeve white button up shirt and black bowtie.

Out Navy Uniform regs:

CPOs and above: Service Dress Blue
PO1s and below: Winter Blue Uniform (Or Summer if it is the correct calender time)

Our SDB cadets are permitted to remove their jackets, but unfortunately, us junior enlisted cadets are required to remain in Winters, although, there's wide push here to permit us to go to Working Blue uniform, however that should be carefully approached since Ribbons, Cords, Medals, and Ties can be easily lost.

Also, Cover is not a required component of the uniform for this, since many can be lost. No school here requires a cover, but they are not forbidden. Most cadets leave them in their vehicles for the duration of the ball, however most carry them if they go out to dinner prior to the event.
April 6th, 2005  
rotc boy
at ours it was best uniform (dress blues or alphas)
but in the other programs there were a bunch of people not in uniform
April 7th, 2005  
silent driller
Originally Posted by Xm 8
At our ball we have a prom type formal, guys wear Class As and gals wear prom dresses. Once I have alittle more time to post more info I will.
Almost the same here. Our gentlemen wear either Dress Blue(B) or shirt and tie. Ladies wear prom dresses. If you are part of the actual cake cutting or cordon, you may be in anything from Blues to Utilities. At the dance, you can wear your uniform or your promwear.
April 9th, 2005  
Cadet 2nd Lt. Stinson

Topic: military ball

at our ball (MCJROTC) it was formal atire.
Males had to wear dress blues or best uniform
females had the option of changing into a dress, but it had to be after the cermony.
in the ceremony we usually have the OIC give a speech about our program, and about what the ball is about(e.g. Marine corps Birthday)
Our SMI(senior Marine instructor) also gives a speech
I could probably get some papers about what is suppose to happen in your ball, if you give me more info, (what branch, what the ball is for, etc.)
email me!
April 9th, 2005  
Search for things such as table settings and other things on the internet. Get a good DJ. Tell the chaperones to lay off - just because there is a "What happens at milball stays at mil ball policy" people will still talk and others will learn their own lesson. Ask for lots of strobe lights.

Have it in a big room... and don't have to push back tables or anything - that messes stuff up.

Dress Code: Why have one? They gotta dance in it! If you really want one (and this is the dress code for ours that we are planning for CAP), nothing to revealing skin wise , and my best description, something your parents aren't ashamed to see you wear. Ours was, Girls in formals, guys in Class As, or if they weren't in JROTC, Suit. If they were involved in a Color Guard or the battallion commander, girls wore Class A's, but changed later.

Please try to keep the talkin down to an hour. 30 minutes is even better. Give about an hour to eat, or let them eat during the ceremonies and awards and give an hour and a half for both to happen. (depending on the lines).

Have the "senior dance" or you can make it the 'cadet commander" dance, or CAP wise - the "Spaatz" dance. whatever. Its the first dance of the night. Give recognition to the military ball planners - as you see, its a hard job!!!
April 10th, 2005  
women should wear gowns, ball dresses, (ie prom dresses)
and ofcourse the men should wear their uniforms, preferably class A