MilForum special! Up to 20% OFF on ALL Military Gear! :)

February 2nd, 2005  

Topic: MilForum special! Up to 20% OFF on ALL Military Gear! :)

I've just received some good news from one of my advertisers

The Supply Sergeant ( have decided to give us our own very special discount code now,
that will give us 10 % off on ALL orders through them!

Use Code: MILQUOTES on checkout to get the discount
(Only possible to use if you shop through this site.. )

CLICK HERE to go directly to their online store

They offer a wide range of products, like boots, uniforms, cold weather gear, medals, badges, patches, dog tags, headgear and much more.
You can find their banner at the bottom of this page.

I've also made a few pages where I've presented some of their products now.

Military Uniforms - BDU
Military Boots
Military Combat Boots
Backpacks - Alice and CPF-90 packs
Military Flags
Military name Tapes
Military Dog Tags
Army Combat Uniform (ACU) name/branch tapes, ranks and other products

And much more...

There's just one "problem" with their program,
they do presently not accept orders for shipment outside of the continental United States.
I've asked them about this now, and I hope/believe they will open for international shipments soon.

Just one last thing; Some anti-adware programs may warn you about "Linksynergy" when you click on the links.
This is only a harmless cookie that tracks your sale, so it's safe to allow it.

February 2nd, 2005  
thats cool im sure i will..unless Army Navy is cheaper
February 3rd, 2005  
I've compared their prices to several other online stores, and they're not that bad..
At least not with a 10% discount on top..

I've just received a mail from them, and they are looking into international shipping now.
That would have been nice, there's a couple of items in there I would like to order for myself.
February 3rd, 2005  
A Can of Man
They'll be paying me to wear this stuff in a few months
September 13th, 2005  
To those of you who have mailed and PMed me about the store:
It's up and running again now..
They've had some "slight" problems with their servers the last week, but everything should be ok now..

The 10% special discount (mentioned in my first post) is of course still valid.

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