Milforum RANKED Battlefield 2 server now online!

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March 2nd, 2006  

Topic: Milforum RANKED Battlefield 2 server now online!

The Milforum Ranked Battlefield 2 server is finally online!

Server name: - Armored Fury


New York/New Jersey

Max Players:

Hosted By:

Does anyone still play BF 2??
I still enjoy to pop-in for a quick fight from time to time.
Euro Forces is also going to be released soon, and that one looks quite interesting..

Search for "" on the server list, or go directly to the IP to join it.
I'm getting good pings all the way from Norway, so it should be possible to join it for most of you.

Invite your friends, we have plenty of space in there..

Please post your favorite maps here, and I'll add them to the maplist.

See you online soon..
March 3rd, 2006  
Is this a store bought game?

EDIt: Nevermind, I googled it.

Mods: Please delete at your discretion.
March 31st, 2006  
well...if my PC could pull it...but 64 players...impressive...
April 1st, 2006  
Originally Posted by USAFAUX2004
well...if my PC could pull it...but 64 players...impressive...
The server is full tonight, all 64 slots taken!

I'll create some reserved slots soon if any of you want "free passage" to the server.
Just PM me your BF2 usernames, and I'll add them to the list.
April 12th, 2006  
rotc boy
April 14th, 2006  
Hahahaha, funny cartoon! But a 64 slot server sounds impressive. Once my game-monster in operational I'll sure give it a go. I like the fps games where you have special skills as well... it reminds me of Enemy Territory and that is the mother of online fps games!
April 14th, 2006  
keep those cartoons coming 8), I want to see a samurai
April 14th, 2006  
meh i used to play.. got BF2 and SF altogether too ;( but then one day..
my grapix card.. died.. or something it doesnt work <__< lol.. my comp just reached "minimum" line so did my grapix card haha!
April 14th, 2006  
Awesome! I haven't been playing BF2 in a while, but it's about time to pick it up again!

Are you only using "vanilla" maps, or SF and EF maps too?
April 15th, 2006  
Only the standard BF 2 maps for now, Wake Island 2007 mostly, but it's possible to use the SF maps as well.
Still waiting for the Euro Force maps.