The MilForum Rank

December 13th, 2003  

Topic: The MilForum Rank

Why can't I get my avatar up and going?

And why can't my rank show up, even if I am corporal or whatever it was..

I have a bad memory so don't blame me.. Heh.

Anyways, I would at least want SOMETHING to stand there instead of "None"

Please.. Cute lil Redleg, Don't let me hang there without a rank?

Be nice to Ladies like me..

Or hell will break out..

(Like I would argue against a guy? )

Ok Redleg, Seriously, Can you do something about my rank?

I wanna be like you guys.. *Looks at you with puppy eyes*

December 13th, 2003  
It's one of the new features Redleg put on, you have to buy the right to have an avatar or rank by posting and replying and all that jazz. That line in your name area that says "Milbucks" followed by a number is how many you have. You can then click on "PX(Post Exchange)" and then go to "Forum Special Effects Store" and you can buy avatar privilege and title privilege for a certain amount of dough. It looks like you have 126 now, so you can get your avatar now, but you need 24 more to get the title.

Sorry if I'm just telling you stuff you already know, but I hope that helps a bit.
December 13th, 2003  

It's get's my blonde head going.

Errr, Now I gotta fix my MilBucks.

Hmmm.. Wheres that slot machine? 8)
December 13th, 2003  
I'd suggest the dice, much greater chances of raking in the money. That's how I've managed to have more than half of the money deposited in the bank, .