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November 8th, 2004  
Lots of great suggestions here!

But I still want more to choose from..
November 8th, 2004  
Here are a few to consider.
Aude sapere - dare to know
Bella gerant alii - let others wage war
Cave quid dicis, quando, et cui - Beware what you say, when, and to whom
Libertas inaestimabilis res est - Liberty is a thing beyond all price.
Quot homines, tot sententiae - There are as many opinions as there are people
November 8th, 2004  
Originally Posted by DTop
Quot homines, tot sententiae - There are as many opinions as there are people
That is actually a great motto.

How about the classic one then.

Nulli secundus - Second to none.

or my favorite...

Cave canem - Beware the dog.
November 8th, 2004  
Make small-talk, not war...

Just kidding...Dont really know yet. Ill think it over.
November 9th, 2004  
Lead me, Follow me, or get out of my way. -George Patton

Kilroy was here

Loose lips sink ships

If it moves salute it, if it dosen't move pick it up, if you can't pick it up, paint it.
November 9th, 2004  
Where the only weapons you need are wit and a keyboard

Leaders in the fight against forum boredom

I'll try to think of more later. *laughs*

Also, do you need an actual picture? I also draw.
November 11th, 2004  
Be good or be good at it!

Quid ad sceleratorum curamus!
November 11th, 2004  
With friendship we shall find our wisdom.
November 11th, 2004  
More good suggestions.


So who wants to be the first winner ever of the VERY exclusive MilForum Mug??

I will let this thread run for a week or two now before I lock it, so keep those suggestions coming guys and gals!
November 11th, 2004  
global peace without war

"together for global peace" or just "together for peace"

"fighting war with wisdom"

"global peace is achivable thing,only we really want it"

"international military forum-fighting wars with words"

"fighting wars on intelectual level"

more soon....