MilForum Arcade and Activity Centre (Online Games)

October 10th, 2004  

Topic: MilForum Arcade and Activity Centre (Online Games)

The old MilForum Arcade have been replaced with a (much better?) Activity centre now.

There's not many games there right now, but I have a lot more I'm going to add later this week.

There are several new features in there compared to the old arcade.

The trophy system:
Each time you get a highscore you win a trophy.
I can enable a milbucks prize for each trophy, but I haven't done it yet.
The number of trophies each member have can be seen in his/hers profile.
You can leave a comment each time you win a trophy.

Trophy Challenge mode:
Not enabled (yet).
you can challenge the current trophy owner, and the winner of the next game get's the trophy.
Instructions will be PMed to you.

Gambling Page/Challenge members:
You can challenge other members for fun, or for milbucks (max 100).
Instructions will be PMed to you.

Rate Games:It's possible to rate each game on a scale from 1-10.

You can add your favorite games to you favorites list, so it will be easy to find them again. (if I install a lot of new games)

There are also several other features, but it's easiest to play a bit with the activity cetre and find it out yourself.

Please post any questions you may have in the questions forum.

October 11th, 2004  
Let Me Entertain You...

Added all 6 Yetisports games, plus one bonus yeti game.
Also added a more advanced shooter, Spec Ops.

All new games costs 10 milbucks because they are pretty resource hungry (around 1mb each)

October 25th, 2004  
Added several new games now, including many of the classics from the old arcade.. (Pacman, Space invaders etc..)

5 MilBucks pr game.

January 7th, 2005  
All highscores have been reset today!

I've changed the prices of every game to just 3 MilBucks now, since the new server got a much higher monthly bandwidth quota..

One new feature added as well.
You will now win 5 MilBucks each time you get a highscore!!

More games will be added soon.

Good luck, and enjoy!
January 20th, 2005  
Upgraded the Arcade to a new version today.

A couple of new features have been added:

A new line have been added to the stats of each game.
If you win the trophy, then you'll also run away with the Jackpot for that game!!
The jackpot increases with 3 MilBucks each time someone plays the game, at it will continue to increase until someone beats the highscore.
(or I reset it.. )

Simple Games Chat
A very simple chat script you can use when your online in the arcade.
You can find it under "Games Chat Log" on top/left of the Game Stats & Info menus.

It's also possible to leave a comment each time you play a game now, not just when you have won a trophy (like in the "old" arcade).

January 21st, 2005  
Added a few more games in the Arcade now, including the original Donkey Kong..
July 23rd, 2005  
Updated the Arcade (Online Games) to a new version now.
Several new features have been added, just "play around" in there and you should be able to find them..

Also added a couple of new games (without score recording!).
More games will be added soon.

July 30th, 2005  
More games have been added.
Even more will be added real soon...
July 30th, 2005  
Around 10 more games added...