February 10th, 2004  

Topic: MilCharity......

Things have really started to heat up for, and I'm finally starting to make some $$ from the ads...
(how much is a secret, but I'm not getting rich (yet) )
From 1000-1500 unique visitors pr day in December, to over 3000(!) pr day now!!!

But I didn't make this site to get rich so I have decided to give away a monthly donation to different organizations etc. that deserves it..

I'm starting with $100-$150 in March (it's not that much, but it's something...), and I want you to help me decide who deserves the donation in March..

How much I donate each month depends on how much I got from ads the month before, so hopefully I can give more and more each month...(hint, hint.. )

Who deserves to get $100-$150 in March??
Post you suggestions here.
I will give the donation away to different organizations each month
(if we find any others)

(Ohh, I feel sooooo good.. 8) )
February 10th, 2004  
Wow great Job Redleg. Im not sure what the charity is called, but this summer I going on a trip to Hati to do some missionary work and basically help teach kids down their who have absolutly nothing. Maybe you should consider sending money to some kind of charity to a third world country. Perhaps the Afgahn relief fund?
February 10th, 2004  
That sounds like a good idea.

Please post a link if you know any websites.
February 10th, 2004  
Afghan Relief

Hero Fund

Special Operations Warrior Foundation

Both the Hero Fund and the SOWF are preety much the same, they donate money to families of service members who were on Special Ops Missions and cannot get money from the government.
February 10th, 2004  
Good work, Redleg.

How about the "Let's Bring 'Em Home" Project?

It's a foundation that buys tickets home for GIs stationed abroad when they get leave so they can spend the holidays with their families.
February 10th, 2004  
I second the hero fund and special ops one. I like those best.
February 11th, 2004  

Topic: I just wanted to say

Your doing a great thing.
How about the buy Sherman105 a Sheramn 105mm fund...
Just joking. I think that helping children is the most imortant thing. Some Norwigen childrne fund(remmember the saying-the poor of your town come before those of others....)
February 11th, 2004  
I definetly agre with Sherman..

Help the children, they are our future..
February 11th, 2004  
Yeah, I was thinking about some kind of children fund, or war victim fund..

But there are so many out there..
I need some help to decide.
February 12th, 2004  
heh i really cant say much for any of it all

money donated to charity is good to any charity.. a charity thats been verified