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March 11th, 2005  
A bit late but the donation for February went to "Doctors Without Borders" since they got the most votes in the poll..
May 18th, 2005  
This months donation went to
Suggested in this thread:

August 6th, 2005  
A bit late, but I forgot to post here...

Last months donation went to street kids of Brazil
September 5th, 2005  
Forgot to post here (again...)

But the donation went to Doctors Without Borders' work in Africa.
October 7th, 2005  
This months donation has been sent to the American Red Cross 2005 Hurricane Relief Fund.
January 11th, 2006  
Last months donation was sent to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Suggested in this thread:¨

It's (unfortunately) been a couple of months since the last donation, but the reason is that the cost of the new server and the new forum software was a bit higher than expected in November/December...

But we'll hopefully be able to send out donations every month from now on.
April 17th, 2006  
Donation sent to
Suggested in this thread:
August 9th, 2006  
Hm, looks like I've forgot to post the last Milcharity donations in this thread...

In May it went to:
Milcharity April/May Donation Suggestions

The donation for June/July has just been sent to:
Doctors Without Borders
Milcharity June/July donation

November 9th, 2006  
Donation sent to UNICEF, as suggested in this thread:
Mil charity: September/October Donation
April 30th, 2007  
Hm, late as always with the updates in this thread..
(Yeah, I forgot to post here again... )

But the last milcharity donation vent to the Victory Junction Gang Camp as suggested in this thread:
Milcharity: November/December donation??

Milcharity has been "brought back to life" again now by the way,
so please post your suggestions in this thread:
MilCharity is alive again!