MilCharity: June Donation Suggestions please.. :) - Page 3

July 4th, 2005  
Brazilian streetkids seems to have got most attention in this thread, so it seems like they'll get this months donation..

Found another (larger) Brazilian Street Kids charity here:

So unless some of you know of any other more "worthy" (similar) charities, I will send the donation tonight..
(A bit late, but it's because I've been moving to a new house recently..)
July 29th, 2005  
I'm a bit ashamed now, since I've forgot to post here...
But the donation has been made a while ago, so everything's ok..

[This is an automated email from Task Brazil]

Thank you for your donation received today.
Your credit card payment has been securely processed by SecureTrading.

Thankyou for your support in helping the Brazilian street children.
A new donation thread for July (I know it's a bit late...) will be posted later today..