Mikoyan may make a comeback.

September 24th, 2007  

Topic: Mikoyan may make a comeback.

Looky here, I found out that Russia's major aviation company, seeing how they lost their dominance in the Soviet Arms market with the introduction of the Sukhoi 27 series, (one of my favorites), Mikoyan may be making a come back, but, seeing Sukhois unmanned projects and stealth programs. It may not be as seen.

But, here is Mikoyan's newest addition. The Mikoyan 35. It has 4 LCD screens in the cockpit, and a Russian Hotas system. It can now be classified as a medium payload fighter now, since it has increased payload. And a larger internal tank, and can carry more external tanks, as well as a mid air refueling performance. Comapare a photo of it's cockpit to the Mikoyan 29 A, and you see a huge difference in Avionics.

It is similar in appearance for the Mikoyan 29 M, and M ll designs, which the only difference in them and the Mikoyan 29 A, is that it has more avionics packed in the service panels behind the cockpit. Other than that, it is a completely new aircraft, and may have a OVT variant, making it similar to the a F 15 Active, and Su 37.

Which , would be really cool, and the best part comes here, it is open for export, if you can fork out the cash, and get your state or nation to give you a permit , you could be flying of the newest and best Russia has to offer!

One of the other aspects that you notice, that the Russians have always made the best use of a airframe, by constantly updating and unlike most Western aircraft, they go beyond avionics, but also upgrade the airframe as well.

For decades Mikoyan have been sorta stuck in the Soviet age, but, now like Sukhoi wich snatched away the majority of contracts since. They are now becoming more popular in the world market. Like Boeing, British Aerospace and Dassault.

Here is a link to some photos, to it's unveiling in India back in August, it may be a hot contender between this new, Incredibly maneuverable at low speeds Mikoyan aircraft, and the Lockheed Boeing F 35. For the fighter of the future for India's air force.

September 24th, 2007  
I like their MiG-29s...

September 25th, 2007  
A Can of Man
And it looks like the Russians are updating more than just the cosmetics. The inferior avionics packages that reduced pilot situational awareness was the decisive factor in why Russian made aircraft were inferior to Western ones, despite claims of superior aircraft performance.
Looks like they're hard at work to bridge the gap.
The question lies in the stealth capability though. Those stealth aircraft will have the advantage when it comes to head to head combat because the stealth aircraft will have a better chance to lock on and fire first, the step in aerial combat that is crucial. Not to mention overall survivability from air defense networks.
September 25th, 2007  
^^^ They're getting French avionics for their latest Sukhois
September 26th, 2007  

Topic: Fulcrums

Hi Guys Mig-35 info has been out for a while below is a kick ass web site for Russian aviation. You get a look at Russia's new AESA radar and much more. I can spend days at this site looking through the different stuff. I never join the forum because I'm in too many now but I should just to be support of.

phoenix80 Idian's Su-30 MKI Flankers have had French and Israeli avionics for years already. One of the reason their nasty fighting machines because their high tech goodies on the insides. I think the Su-35s will be pure Russian gear. Mikoyan signed larger contracts in 2005/2006 the Sukhois did really money and aircraft wise. Algerian deal was big and if they land the India never ending 126 aircraft purchased their lock down 2007/2008 as well. But and but is a big word to keep this Mig-35 from becoming vaporware Russia needs to buy a squadron or two. The new Su-35 the same thing looks bad with a few follow up orders are for Su-30s and not the new end all Super Flanker. Buyers like it when the host or aircraft maker buys and uses the same aircraft makes them feel warm and fuzzy and have a future. Imagine if Russia beat France and England by getting a AESA radar to market first. To be honest I've never been impressed with the way Russia markets their aircraft usually with those bad news clips. The cool part about these Mig-35s are a lot of the upgraded equipment, systems, engine, can go into the Mig-29C frame and up. Read the Mig-35 info slowly their are a lot of really cool new systems and devices on this mock up. If only Russia bought them themselves it's like the F-20 but Russian this time. Something like 20+ countries still flying them (Mig-29s) and yet they do little to get the production started.
If I ran the Mig marketing program I would go into Poland upgrade 10 to 14 of their older Mig-29s or even trade in older model and get Mig-35s. Let the press cover it to death Vipers vs. new Mig-35 Fulcrums, that takes care of European market. Next dive into the South American market do the same with say Peru they fly Fulcrums. Show the aircraft to the public while at the same time have the Russian press follow the new Russian Mig-35 squadron or squadrons . They have to invest in themselves and countries will be falling over themselves to get this fighter. Some countries can''t afford to buy F-35s or high priced Typhoon/Rafales. As a after thought I would like to see Russia use lighter medals in the aircraft construction to bring down some weight.
September 27th, 2007  
That is the same link I posted,..... keep your head on a swivel Rock 45! No worries 8)

Any way the Su 35 BM, a curnardless version of the original does have similar avionics changes as the ones you posted above. The radar has borrowed some similarities from French avionics software. And possibly some from the United Kingdom. As for doing it on U.S. software, the problems come with the metric system, and the U.S. measuring system. Feet to Meters and what not.

Also in a BVR engage meant the Su 35 BM, and the Mikoyan 35 would be at a disadvantage, although the radical and sudden upgrading in the avionics would make it easy to now electronically track at night, without a visual conformation. Up to 4 or f5 targets, while engaging and spiking 2 bandits. This in not uncommon in western avionics.

The Great Russian Companies have always have better airframes, as far a air show performance. Let's look back at the Unveiling of the Su 27, which both of them flew to London, without refueling from Moscow. Demonstrating their long range capabilities. And with the amazing safety record and stunning photos of Mig 29 crashes with the plane entirely intact at the mili second before impact with the ground, with a ejection rocket shooting the pilot to saftey to prove this. Russian aircraft still can hold their own in a Fur ball, that's what their strong point seems to be. But with better avionics it seems to only enhance this.

But, still in a BVR engagement, a F 22A , with it's wider tracking field in front of the aircraft, will still be theoretically undected for that short amount of time, long enough to pop off some AM 120s towards the confirmed and cleared bandits. The Su 35 BM, however, like the Mig 35, would be better in something like a wagon wheel fight, where split S s and turn radius are key, that's were the gunfighters like the Mi 35, or Su 35 BM, or now F 22 A really show who's got the right stuff, and who hits the nylon.
September 28th, 2007  

Topic: Ops

That's from posting at too many different sites sorry.

I'm a big Fulcrum fan even know sometimes I feel alone in liking this fighter. In real combat it has a very poor record and a Cuban prop job maybe it's only kill. The older versions were never meant to be more then a point defense fighter really. The West German air force did well against NATO fighters but only certain types of pre-arranged mock training. The later models like the Mig-29K for India's navy and the M types seem light years ahead of the older basic A models but have yet to sell in numbers. The Mig-35 mock up looks like a winner if a buyer came be found.

F-22 I think will go undetected for a long time and never have reason to come in sight of an Mig-35 or Su-35. From a comment I read from a pilot from the land down under even getting IR lock is difficult he said I could see from my cockpit and still couldn't get a lock/tone. It must have some sort of shielding or a way to trick a IR missiles. What a team F-22 and F-35s are going to make.
September 28th, 2007  
True, I am still holding my breath on PAK FA, and waiting to see what Sukhoi and the other companies have to answer the F 22A. I am not saying I do not like the F 22A, I love her, she got everything a aviation fan could want out a new fighter. It's just when you release a new weapon onto the battle field, it's only a matter of time until your rivals get that same capability, or a way to defeat it.
September 29th, 2007  
JP Vieira
I think that in the current Russian philosofy for their armed forces a fighter in the category of the F-22 will appear; when is another question.
September 30th, 2007  

Topic: Time

I agree it's only a matter of time until your rivals get that same capability in theory. US rivals haven't even caught up to the F-117 really and I think it's safe to say the F-22 is fifteen years newer. It's difficult to get a time when the F-117 program really started I guess in time more info will be released.

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