The Mighty Eighth

September 4th, 2015  

Topic: The Mighty Eighth

Spielberg, Hanks and HBO are set to re-team on a third WWII mini-series, this time revolving around the Air Force. I don't see a release date yet. the mighty eighth teaser. I think this was originally called Maters of the Air

August 11th, 2017  

Topic: This is going to be an awesome series!

We can't wait to watch it! We love, love, love the story and the heroism of these men who went time and again into the breach of German defenses.

We actually recently created and manufactured a bunch of commemorative coins for the Mighty 8th Air Museum in Georgia. You can check out our article featuring it as "coin of the month." Custom Army Air Force Coins
September 27th, 2017  
As a lad I watched all this going on. Around D Day there were so many aircraft in the air your body shook from the engines noise. Every where you looked in the sky there were aircraft of some kind or other.

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