Middle-east power - Page 6

July 27th, 2009  
no doubt Israel is at the first place,i mean come on u cant put under-tranied men against some of the best fighting brigades and tank crews in the world.
now even if we take it to the balistic missiles Israel takes to full cake even in the Global scale the Jericho Missiles are far better than any missiles the arabs have.even the Shehab-3.
Air-Force-do I really have to say anything about the Air supiriority of Israel to the other countries?
MenPower-now thios is where trouble lies-Israel dosent have many soldiers to fight a vast and an open war,but we have already seen that,all-most in all wars Israel was outnumbered even 1-10!!
Ambition-come on these guys have almost the entire world,we only have this little piece of desert,men will fight very hard to keep it safe,and keep the lives of thier families(whaich in the case of lose will be,how to put this,put to death)
yet again we are mere Human and wars have many suprisors in them
July 27th, 2009  
Whats with the grave digging?!

As for the guy who mentioned Jordan....The Jordanian military is a fine fine organization. Their pilots and tank crews are very good. But Jordan is a small and poor country with a small military. They have very few offensive units and they cant possibly go offensive with out an allie. This is why Jordan is oh so friendly with everyone they can be friendly with. If Jordan is attacked by Syria Israel will smash the Syrian army to bits. In september 1970 the Jordanian army was happily smashing the PLO to bits when the Syrians wanted to go and help the Palestinians. Israel raised its alert and was prepeared to attack Syria. The Syrians stepped down.

On the other hand If Israel was to attack Jordan, I am sure Egypt and Syria would help the Jordanians. If the Saudis attacked Jordan the Egyptians and Israel would help Jordan. The Jordanians know full well they cant stand up to any of their neigbours alone. But they dont have to, because no one will stand aside and see that happen.