MI5 and SiS

September 16th, 2004  

Topic: MI5 and SiS


Do the MI5 or the SiS have any military power?

I heard the SiS (Secret Intelligence Service AKA MI6) stole some french naval equipment!? I've also heard of them spying all around the world.... Is this some kind of military related thing?

I know the MI5 are a 'Public organisation' and have to have 'Police Permission' to do things (apparently) but does any of the intelligence services have an effect on the British military?

Is the MI5/SiS more Government and the Military more monarchy?
September 16th, 2004  
MI5 are internal security, MI6 interests are abroad eg. spying
Im not aware of either having anything to do with the military directly, any info they gather that relates to the military will be passed on.
Our monarchy has no real function apart from being diplomats and our PM has to ask the queen to approve changes in law etc. The governmet and the military both act for the queen.