MEPS mishap

November 1st, 2005  

Topic: MEPS mishap

I was rejected at Meps for checking that I had Bronchitis when I was 13, they permanently disqualified me without a waiver. Does anybody here have some advice? My contract was for a 11b1p (Abn), I desperately want to get in and go over seas. I have a pissed off SGM pulling strings trying to get me in but I'm not sure he carries the weight. I'm supposed to be talking to the Surgeon General for my state, a full bird COL. I've had advice saying I should write a sworn statement along with my mom [a Maj.] saying I never went to the Dr for Bronchitis which I didn't. They also sugested I get a physical from a military Dr and a civ Dr saying I'm fit for duty. I was devastated to hear this news, My family has always joined the military and its a right of passage for all males in my family, please help. I would join the Marines if they would take me just to get to the lines.

November 2nd, 2005  
I did a few boo-boos when I went to MEPS too, but I'm not permanently disqualified. I don't have any advice for you but I have to get school records from when I was like 13 or 14 because I went to my middle school counselor. So I feel for you and hope that something happens so that you can join.
November 2nd, 2005  
Don't worry, SGMs know who to call and what to do. You ought to be able to straighten this out if you just checked something off by mistake. You seem to have a good plan with the written statements and the military physical. If the physical shows you have nothing, you should be able to go from there.
Where is the SGM from (what's his function)? I'm thinking that a recruiter might help, whether Army, NG, Marine. etc..