In Memory of Pearl Harbor - Page 2

September 10th, 2005  
Originally Posted by Peterminator
Admiral Nagumo (in charge of the attack) was very cautious
so he did not send out a third wave of planes since they no longer had suprise. BIG MISTAKE.
If he had taken out the huge oil fields in the harbor no major american fleet action could have taken place until 1943.
If he had taken out the PT boats and the subs it would have greatly reduced america's defensive opions.
If he had destroyed the dry docks most of the the american battleships
could not be salvaged.
If he had found and destroyed the american carriers not only would america have no shield against invasion it would also not have been able to preform the crucial Dootitle bombing raid that greatly raised american morale and greatly lowered japanese morale.
In time the Japs would pay dearly for Nagumo's mistake.

Not sure I agree.

Nugumo was worried about the American carriers poping out of nowhere and catching him flatfooted. As it turned out USS Enterprise was only a day away.

Much of the Oil was in underground bunkers, it would have been very difficult to destroy them.

Subs and PT boats are secondary targets, considering the small bomb load of the Kate and Val it was probably better to go after the capital ships.

Destroying the Dry Docks would have slowed repairs but not stopped it. Besides it would have taken HE bombs most of the aircraft were equipped with AP. It would have also alot of bombs to do it. We used B-17s to destroy German and Japans Dry Docks.

I agree about the carriers, Japanese Naval intelligence dropped the ball