McNabb: 'One Guy Doesn't Make a Team'

October 5th, 2006  
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Topic: McNabb: 'One Guy Doesn't Make a Team'


Donovan McNabb faced the music.

“There will be no T.O. questions,” McNabb said as he sat down for his weekly press conference.

But he said it with a smile – a smile he maintained throughout most of the session.

As expected, McNabb fielded numerous questions about Terrell Owens’ highly anticipated return to Philadelphia, which will come to a head Sunday at 4:15 p.m. at Lincoln Financial Field.

As he did throughout the fiasco that was last season, McNabb on Wednesday took the proverbial high road. But that’s not to say that he didn’t veer off an occasional exit.

When comparing the current atmosphere to the one that existed a year ago, McNabb emphasized that his year, the Eagles better personify a team.

“I think guys are focused in on what they need to do as a team,” he said. “There haven’t been any individual thoughts of how many plays you need to make or whatever you need to do. When you play family football – and confidence plays a major part in everything you do – exciting things happen. You look at the things we’ve been able to do, and it’s been as team. No one has tried to stand amongst themselves, away from the team, or doing different things. Guys are playing well together.”

The Point After
Three Eagles did not practice on Wednesday: running back Brian Westbrook (knee), receiver Donté Stallworth (hamstring) and cornerback Rod Hood (heel).

Westbrook is listed as questionable for Sunday’s game against Dallas. Coach Andy Reid said the swelling in Westbrook’s knee has waned.

Stallworth and Hood are both doubtful.

Cornerback Lito Sheppard, who has missed the last three games with a sprained ankle, practiced and is listed as questionable

Quotes of the day
Brian Dawkins, on whether Donovan McNabb has regained his Pro Bowl form:

“Let’s say it like this: if you believe in Donovan like we believe in Donovan, we know he has been back. If you’re a skeptic of him – he is not back yet. He still has to do something against a good defense.

“I heard someone say, ‘If you continue to search for boogers, you’ll find them. If you continue to dig, you’ll find them.’”

Sheppard, on facing Terrell Owens on Sunday:

"People tell me to hit him after the play, take him out, stuff like that. But it ain't that kind of party. We're not going to try to hurt anybody.

"There are some passionate fans here. He really touched a nerve. There's a lot of animosity toward T.O. from Eagles Nation. ... I'm glad it's him and not me."

Roster move
The Eagles promoted linebacker Dedrick Roper from the practice squad and released cornerback Dustin Fox.Earlier, coach Andy Reid reiterated his point that the Eagles aren’t facing one player. He told the team that it must focus on the Cowboys and not No. 81.

“I talked to them … that it is not about one person. It’s about the Dallas Cowboys. I think that’s very important,” said Reid, who believes his players received the message.

“I heard some comments from some of the players that were interviewed after the game, and they said the same thing – some of the veteran players. But you want to make sure everybody hears it and understands it.”

Reid can be certain McNabb does.

“Guys understand that we’re not competing against one player,” McNabb said. “One guy doesn’t make a team – break a team, maybe.”

Despite their acrimonious relationship, McNabb reached out to Owens last week after the receiver was rushed to the hospital following an accidental overdose of medication.

McNabb sent a text message to Owens, who didn’t respond. But McNabb didn’t expect a reply.

“The situation that happened – I would never wish that on anyone,” McNabb said. I just sent prayers his way and blessings his way and told him that I continued to pray for him, and everything would turn out well, and he’d get back out on the field and be healthy.

“I’m a human being, and what happened last year – hey, that’s over. I’ve moved on, and I just wanted to send the message that whatever happened with that whole deal last week, if he needed somebody to talk to, to call.”

However, Owens denies receiving the message.

“I didn’t get it,” Owens told reporters.

Could it have been the wrong number?

“Look, I'm not trying to start anything,” he said. “He's a smart guy. If he wanted my number, he could've gotten it."

Owens, who on Wednesday wore a T-shirt with the phrase “fancy little football person” on it in reference to the statement made by the president of the Dallas Police Association last week, said he’s spoken with numerous Eagles – Jeremiah Trotter, Rod Hood, Greg Lewis, Reno Mahe and Thomas Tapeh – but not McNabb.

“I haven’t seen him or talked to him,” Owens said when asked about his current relationship with McNabb. "It is what it is. He plays for the Eagles, and I play for the Cowboys.”

McNabb said he’s confident he has the support of his teammates and wasn’t concerned by the fact that some of the Eagles may still be friendly with Owens.

“Hey, I don’t control who they talk to or who they’re friend with,” McNabb said. “As a grown man, that’s a decision you make. But what we do here in this facility as well as what we do out there on the practice field – that’s all on everybody that’s in the locker room. What you do away from here – that’s your decision.”

McNabb and Owens will not be on the field at the same time during Sunday’s game, but they could meet beforehand.

“I’m sure you guys will be watching. I’m sure everyone has their own judgment about it,” McNabb said. “If we shake hands, high five, chest bump, whatever – you guys will talk about that. I’ve been past that whole issue. The situation is over. I’ve moved on. My focus is on what we do as a unit here. So when we get out there on that field, I’ll be warming up just like I normally would. I’m getting my guys ready so that we can go out and try to have a good game.”

But he acknowledged that it’s not just another game.

“It’s something that people just continue to bring up. So that’s the reason probably why you guys talk about it and that’s why the fans talk about it,” McNabb said. “Now, when this game is over then I’m sure you’ll find some other things to talk about. But come Christmas, you’ll find a way to bring it back up again.

“But the whole thing about it is, it’s a great game. It’s going to be something that everyone’s going to be watching. If it was on Monday Night, it would be even better. It’s unfortunate that we have to play at 4 p.m. Teams that will be playing at 1 p.m – I’m sure they’ll find a way to try to get to a TV to see what happened and what you guys are talking about – if we got a hug before the game or see what each other’s doing. But I’ll be fine. I’m going to have a great time.”

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