McDonald's Massacre

McDonald's Massacre
October 29th, 2007  

Topic: McDonald's Massacre

McDonald's Massacre
Anyone remember the words? I remember the tune... It was the most tasteless and forbidden of the banned cadences. I get why, these days - betcha the survivors of the real McDonald's massacre and their families would cheerfully drive a tank over any formation singing about something so awful that happened to them & their loved ones. I didn't think that way 10 years ago though, just thought it was funny. Now I can't remember the words & I'm collecting cadences, so it's driving me crazy... I've got our version of the baby seal cadence and most of the jody calls we used and some of the other ones (yeah, we girls definitely tweaked those good ole boy cadences, it might give the non-DS guys a shock to hear some of what we sang... )

I'll donate the extra verse to the "yellow bird" cadence that a guy in my AIT class made up (pretty good stuff) if anyone can remember! (Actually, I'll probably do that anyways.)
September 18th, 2008  
We used to sing one, but I forgot most of it. Here's what I remember of it...
Running through McDonald's with my m-16,
I'm a mean mother F***er
I'm a U.S. Marine

When those civilians try to run for the door,
I fill 'em full of rounds and shout MARINE CORPS!!
I for got most of it, but I hope that helps

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