May I Interview a Viet Nam Veteran?

November 30th, 2004  

Topic: May I Interview a Viet Nam Veteran?

A friend of mine is taking a course in Vietnam History and needs to interview a Vietnam Veteran. Despite her best efforts, she has not been able to find one. I know many members are veterans of the Vietnam Conflict and hope you may be able to answer these questions. My friend and I would be very grateful. If you do not wish to post the answers here, please email them to me at FutureRANGER@gmail and I assure you your answers will be unedited. Thank you.

What is your name? (I explained to my friend and perfectly understand some members may not be able to answer this as they need to remain anonymous or do not wish to give their name).

1) What were you doing during the period of the Vietnam War? If you were in the United States military, were you drafted or did you enlist? When did you serve? If you were not in the military, where were you and what did you think of military service? (I don't quite understand this part either )

2) At that time, what did you think about the US involvement in Vietnam; why did you think the US was at war?

3) How did you feel about the draft? Were you or anyone close to you drafted?

4) If you served, what did you then understand the purpose of your service to be? How do you now view your service in Vietnam and the reason for which you were sent?

5) Did your view of the war and US policy change as the war unfolded?

6) Did any personal experiences from the period significantly shape your views? Have your views changed since the war ended?

7) During the period did you believe that President Johnson and Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara correctly analyzed the situation in South Asia and pursue the appropriate course in escalating war efforts? What do you think now?

8) What other memories from this period could you share?

9) What lessons for Americans today do you see in the Vietnam War experience?

Thank you very much, and thank you for your service.