Martial art turnoment

Martial art turnoment
December 10th, 2014  

Topic: Martial art turnoment

Martial art turnoment
One a Japanese, a Chinese and a Lore were in a marial arts turnoment. The goal was killing a Mosquito with a sword.
Chinese turn: sha- shoo- pah- pow --- the Mosquito splitted into two parts.
Japanese turn: shata - shootoo - tabanatoo --- the Mosquito has been slaughtered.

The :\Lore's turn: shoota tatoo dizzzzz ::: :[ nothing happend.
Spectators laghud.

The Lore Said:
"One menute silence...
That poor mosquito can not Mate Anymore ..."

could I Tell story true?, I've a non-educational English xp.

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