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August 17th, 2004  

August 17th, 2004  
Finally, all this is linked to an American proverb /quote from 1800:
"millions for defence, but not one cent for tribute"...

I quote"
"....By 1794, Algiers had captured 11 American vessels and taken over 100 prisoners. In 1795 Congress agreed to their ranson by authorizing a payment of cash, munitions, a 36-gun frigate, and an annual tribute of $21,600 worth of naval supplies. In 1799, agreements were negotiated with Morocco, Algiers, and Tunis. Tripoli agreed not to attack American shipping, in return for an annual tribute of $18,000.
The Barbary Pirates, though discriminating against Christians, were businessmen, much like the Mafia. It was reported that ransom rates were set at a fixed price: $4,000 for a passenger, $1,400 for a cabin boy. In the coastal towns of Salem, Newport, and Boston, the names of those who were captured by the Barbary Pirates were read aloud each Sunday in the churches, just as those who were lost at sea. Most of the ransom had to be raised privately, as Congress was unable or unwilling to pay the full asking price.

By 1800 a new slogan was beginning to appear across the new country, "Millions for defense, but not one cent for tribute." ...."
August 11th, 2008  
That's impressive, you youngans are smart folks.
November 16th, 2009  
The 8 Marines(Lt. O'Bannon, one Sergeant and six privates) were a part of a force of approximately 500, mostly mercenaries, recruited by the Naval Agent for the Mediterranean, a retired Army Officer, Colonel William Eaton