Marijuana usage and marines?

February 6th, 2014  

Topic: Marijuana usage and marines?

Hey, everyone! I know this question has been asked many (many) times, but I feel I must ask cause I have yet to see someone in my same situation. I talked to a recruiter a few days ago and was asked some basic questions. One he asked was "Any Illegal drug usage?". I said no. He then reiterated "So no illegal drug use ever from childhood on up?". I thought and then told about the one time I took one drag of weed back in highschool. He said ok and I completed the questionaire. At the end he told me I met all requirements to be in the marines, but, after going online, I see all these posts about people having to get waivers for everything and being rejected. I don't want to have to be rejected for a stupid mistake I made a long time ago when I was a minor. Anyone know what my chances are? Thanks!

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