marching cadence: ROTC HELP!!

October 14th, 2005  

Topic: marching cadence: ROTC HELP!!

hey cansomeone please send me the lyrics to the one cadence in which you spell out R-O-T-C.??? I searched online i couldn't find anything. please help
February 23rd, 2006  
sorry kid but i don't think you'll find it around here
February 23rd, 2006  
sorry i dont know it but i could send u sum other ones if ud like me to
April 9th, 2013  
CSM Chandler

Topic: Down by the river marching cadence

down by the river
and we toke a little walk
ran in to delta and had a little talk
we pushed them
we shoved them
we push them in the river
we don't need no commies hanging around