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August 1st, 2005  
Duty Honor Country
Originally Posted by >*CrAzY*<
I got 11/16. Then 16/16 after I realized that you couldn't just look at the cheekbones (thats a big one).

Generally you can tell by the build of their face, but I must say, some of those are ugly women and some of those are ugly gender confused people....

I was expecting a lady to score better than the men.

not to rub it in your face, but I got a 15/16. There will be no hitting on shemen in my future...I could just do what crocodile Dudee did
August 1st, 2005  
8/16, I just wanted to be safe and figured they were all hirms. I only hit on girls I've seen naked, takes all the guess work out of it.
August 1st, 2005  
Charge 7

But my eyesight ain't what it used to be.
August 2nd, 2005  
ah but redneck what if she was a he but is now a she got the snip lol you wouldnt know then even though he/she was naked
August 3rd, 2005  
EWWWWW not needed mental imagery!!!! urgh! THANKYOU for that ^_^
August 3rd, 2005  
anytime baby lol :P
August 4th, 2005  
It's surgery.

I think it's gross.

Real southern opinion here. I don't say ew and run away, I say... um. . ...

Nah, one of my more admirable qualities (there are plenty I don't recommend mimicking) is my open mind... but yeah.
August 12th, 2005  
15/16 there was only one that fooled me, nothing worse than thinking you made it and wind with meat and two veg
August 14th, 2005  
15/16 here....i don't know whether to be happy or scared lol
August 14th, 2005  
I got 11/16....Difficult to tell the difference sometimes though!