"mama can't you see?" - USMC Cadence

March 2nd, 2008  
A Can of Man

Topic: "mama can't you see?" - USMC Cadence

Mama Can't you see? USMC Cadence
March 12th, 2008  
Cdt Matteo
I've watched this vid so many times, it's the best

Here are the lyrics:

My mama can't you see!
What this Corps has done for me!
Put me in a barber chair;
Snip snap and I had no hair!
And if I die in a combat zone;
Box me up and ship me home!
Put me in a set of dress blues,
comb my hair and shine my shoes!
Pin my medals upon my chest!
Tell my mama I did my best!
My mama don't you cry;
Marine Corps motto is do or die!
March 12th, 2008  
Team Infidel
always a good one

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