Mali landmine kills U.N. peacekeeper, wounds four others

September 14th, 2014  
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Topic: Mali landmine kills U.N. peacekeeper, wounds four others

A landmine explosion hit a vehicle carrying U.N. peacekeepers from Chad on patrol in northeastern Mali on Sunday, killing one and seriously wounding four others, the U.N. mission in Mali said. "These attacks on the United Nations constitute war crimes whose authors will be brought to justice. The United Nations will not let itself be intimidated as it defends civilians and the territorial integrity of Mali," said Albert Koenders, head of the U.N. force, which is known by its acronym, MINUSMA. Peacekeepers continue to be targeted in sporadic attacks despite a successful intervention led by France last year that drove back Islamists who had taken advantage of a separatist uprising to seize Mali's desert north.


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