Malaysia to receive six Sukhoi-30MK fighter jets from Russia in May - Page 5

June 26th, 2007  
Originally Posted by rock45
Hi Sukio
Unless the Su-35 receives funding and finds a buyer it might turn into vapor wear like many Russian projects. On paper its looks great but the Su-30 is very real thus the reason the Indians haven't went down the Su-35 path I think. The reason I mention US pilots or western trained pilots is the level of training received. The training equipment used like Sims and other resources aren't always available Russian or other Flanker personnel in other countries. Training is so important like if you compare the US, Israel, England, and say France, you could put pilots in Russian or even Chinese made aircraft and they would do well. Its the level of training and learning to get the most out of the aircraft and equipment that makes certain pilots better then others, and that's works the same way with different air forces too. Hope I made sense in trying to explain myself.
Little language and control panel traslation, and , a western pilot would be able to fly any combat aircraft.

As with the rest of what your said, Agreed!

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