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October 30th, 2004  

Topic: Major update on

I've added a lot of new quotes and mottos today, and updated the navigation and layout of the site a bit.

Go to to see the changes.
I've moved the site navigation bar to the top now, and removed a lot of "clutter" from the right side menu.

Added new quotes:
Napolen, Churchill, Sherman and more.

Some new jokes:
and cartoons:

A lot of new mottos:
Canada - United Kingdom - Funny Mottos
US Armed forces - US Army - US Navy - US Marines - US Air Force
(No Coast Guard mottos.... )

And a new page with Norwegian Air Force mottos.
(Thanks to SleepySweeper for those.. )

I've got some more quotes i'm going to add later..

Please PM, post in the forum or mail me quotes and mottos I'm missing on the site..