mahole cover

December 29th, 2004  
rotc boy

Topic: mahole cover

A man walks into a restaurant and explains to the manager
that he's from the mental hospital up the street. He says he
would like to bring a group of the better-adjusted patients
in for a meal, as part of their socialization process.

The manager says that would be fine, he's always glad to
support the local community.

"Fine", says the visitor, "but one other thing. We don't allow
the patients to have money, so they all carry bottle caps.
They will offer these for payment, just take them and I'll
settle with you afterwards".

The manager agrees, and they set a date. On the appointed
day, the patients come in, order, enjoy their meal, are
extremely polite to the staff, and when they leave, thank
the manager and give him large handfuls of bottle caps.

The manager tells the man from the hospital how well
everything went, and presents him the bill. The man from
the hospital looks at the bill and says "That's a little more
than I expected, do you have change for a manhole cover?"
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